Corporate Responsibility

Reef understands that the environment and communities in which we operate are impacted upon through our business activities. The following objectives enable us to implement responsible practices whilst enhancing long term social and environmental sustainability:

  • We will work within existing regulatory and statutory environmental legislation, exceeding these targets wherever possible in any new development.
  • We will work in collaboration with our strategic partners to understand each of their needs and deliver sustainable solutions in response to their individual requirements.
  • We will consult with local communities and key stakeholders on all large development projects and implement considerate construction strategies to minimise local impact.
  • We will work closely with all final tenants to ensure we procure and manage properties in line with their occupation requirements.
  • We will ensure that all of our development sites and investment portfolio properties are managed in line with regulatory health & safety requirements to protect the wellbeing of all tenants, employees and contractors.
  • We will endeavour to reduce the environmental impacts of our own office activities and respect equality and diversity values in our employment strategies.