Reef have significant experience over a variety of sectors including retail, leisure, residential, office, student housing and have combined all relevant experience to create a team of mixed use urban regeneration specialists with an Executive Board of innovative and multi skilled directors. Reef’s investment requirements focus on:

Location Major towns and cities throughout the UK which most recently include London, Cathedral cities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Winchester and other South Eastern towns
Income producing development opportunities Income producing assets with short, medium and long term development potential.
Investments Income producing assets with ability to enhance value through active asset management and physical repositioning.
Development Land with new build development potential or existing buildings with opportunity to reposition through restoration and additional development.
Joint Venture / Partnerships Joint ventures with land owners, tenants and funding institutions.


Each development and investment transaction is led respectively or concurrently by a Board Director.

The Reef team can respond quickly to undertake sophisticated feasibility studies to analyse the development and investment potential of any opportunity. Reef’s multi-disciplined team ensures excellence and completeness throughout the due diligence and ultimate development process.

We follow basic investment and development principles to maximise returns and sustain relationships with our partners through our diligent and intellectual approach to each principle.

Key Focus in any investment and development situation is accurately understanding and measuring risk which is assessed by our team and their consultants and acutely but quickly analysed by our board of directors who focus on:

  • Quality of Location and respective values
  • Institutional tenant requirements and their leases
  • Construction and Design Costs
  • Planning Potential
  • Market Factors
  • Legislation both current and future
  • Sophisticated financial modelling assessing profit erosion, Return on Cost and IRR
  • The ultimate decision for progressing an opportunity considers a balance of the positive and negative weighting of all of the above factors.

Reef manage risk first and returns second.


The majority of Reef’s developments will not have a planning permission prior to us purchasing. Led by a Board Director Reef adopt a very ‘hands on’ approach at every level of the planning process as it is one of the most important methods of extracting optimum value.  All stake holders including landowner, tenant, investors, local council and residents all benefit from the asset and environmental upside created from the quality of the final developed asset.

We work with our design division, Urban Reef, to inform and build relationships with all consultees including Planning, Highways, Design and Conservation Officers.

We inform and engage with Ward Councillors and wherever possible meet with the council Chief Executive and Cabinet Leader.

Our professional approach, in-house design team and willingness to work with the council is a major advantage.  This approach not only ensures a successful planning permission but also opportunity for successful repeat business. It is essential to understand the council’s requirements and work closely to facilitate their ambitions for any site.


Urban Reef are responsible for delivery of our development pipeline from inception to practical completion.

As soon as the design process starts we work on value engineering to ensure a project is viable and can be delivered.  This is demonstrated to the extent that we are often tendering a project with contractors during the planning process.

Our team of designers and architects not only understand planning but also the importance of creating a building that can be built to budget.

For our investors and occupiers our in-house resource manages build risk and programme.  Without a disciplined and detailed approach to construction capital is at risk and programme deadlines can be missed.

Reef’s Development and Design Team ensures achieving the most cost effective and efficient build solution and contract cost whilst maintaining quality throughout the development process and on final delivery .


For our investors the first phase of any investment analysis by our team is to manage risk and ensure that their capital is protected.

Managing risk creates a platform for superior returns for our investment partners.

Investors range from major financial institutions to private equity and high net worth individuals.

Reef target IRR returns in excess of 25% pa.