We pride ourselves on creating strong partnerships with all parties to the development process. This approach has produced long term relationships and repeat business due to our reputation for performance and delivery with the least amount of input required from our partners.

The 2008 recession repositioned the market making it even more difficult to unlock opportunity and create value from complex situations.  Reef Estates comprise a team of chartered professionals with an ethos for excellence, who can create value from unlikely opportunities, quite often where others have been unsuccessful. Applying an intellectual and sophisticated approach and creating partnerships based on trust and performance with all members of the development and investment process is absolutely paramount to delivering successful property assets.


We undertake direct purchases or joint ventures with both private and institutional landowners.  We recognise the importance to the landowner of achieving optimum value for their asset with the mutual understanding that the Reef team will use their expertise to achieve a sufficient Return on Cost to justify our purchase, joint venture or development management role.


These include the most active tenants and operators comprising plc’s and privately owned hotel, retail and leisure companies.  It is critical to tenants that they can work with development partners with sufficient experience and expertise that can be relied upon to deliver a successful development.

Investor / Funding Partner / Ultimate Purchaser

Reef have access to significant private capital.  We also have similar relationships to the “landowner” above by undertaking strategic partnerships with numerous major pension funds and financial institutions.

Tenant/ Operator This includes the most active tenants and operators including plc and private hotel, retail and leisure companies
Consultants / Contractors

We partner with carefully chosen construction consultants who are elite experts in their field.  This ensures that the design and construction stages of the development process are delivered to the highest standard.  A similar approach is applied to our choice of contractors, many of whom we undertake repeat business with.

Council & Local Community

We consider our interaction with Local Authorities a partnership and key to development success.  This applies whether partnering with a council on their land ownership or liaising with planning officers and their consultees, such as Highways and Design and Conservation Officers to ensure the optimum planning and design solution. Our professional approach, in-house design team, and willingness to work with the local community and Councils at all levels (including Ward Councillors, Cabinet Leaders and Directors) is a major competitive advantage. This approach not only results in a planning permission being granted but also often leads to repeat business within the particular town or city.